Questions about the adult training and free places:

Veera Nurmi, responsible for the adult training
phone. 040-723 1161


In the adult training you commit to the whole season and you play in four to six players groups during weekdays and weekends. The groups are made in the beginning of the season on the basis of the players own goals and skills. During the weekdays and weekends the trainings last 60, 75 or 90 minutes. The adult training is meant for Grani Tennis members that have turned 18 years.

Prices for the season 2017-18:*

  • 26 eur/60 min (4 players/court)
    • If 3 players the price is 29 eur/60 min
    • If 5 players the price is 23 eur/60 min

*The board checks the prices in May and October and the club has the right to change the prices when necessary.