Grani Tennis was founded in 1974 and owns the multi-purpose sports hall FREEDOM FUND Arena built in 2009 and located in Ymmersta, Espoo.

With 700 members, Grani Tennis is among the ten biggest tennis clubs in Finland. Of these members, 260 children and juniors take part in the junior training program, 100 adults take part in the adult trainings, and 100 senior players participate in senior groups.

The club has 19 teams participating in both winter and summer leagues. The men´s and women’s teams play in the highest ranked league, Norpe Tennisleague. During the 2014-`5  season, our men´s team won the Finnish championships.

In first three weeks of June and the first weeks in August, Grani Tennis organizes summer camps for 8-14 years old children on the outside courts. In June and August, GT also arranges courses for adults.