Minitennis in meant for kids aged 4-8. The kids play with a low minitennis net and a soft ball and get familiar with tennis through different kinds of games and plays.

Price: 17€ (60min)


Miditennis is meant for kids aged 8-12 who practice 1-2 times per week. We have 6 kids per court and we play with the orange or green balls that are suitable for the level of the group.

Price: 21€/h (1hxweek) , 19€/h (2hxweek)


Hobbytennis is meant for kids over 12 years who wants to participate in tennis training a few times a week.

Price: 21€/h (1hxweek), 19€/h (2hxweek), 17€/h (3hxweek)